What woman wouldn’t want to be photographed looking sexy, strong and luscious?.

Choose your style and costume and our experience photographer will step you through poses and arrange lighting to bring out the best in you. Be it sultry siren, casual glamour or sexy rock chick you will look as good as the celebrities we see every day in OK, Front and Cosmopolitan . Click below to download your FREE guide to your makeover photo-shoot.

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Bring in a friend, your mum, your daughter or make it a girls day out!  Images can be obtained in print form, printed on our own printers in house or in luscious print boxes or in albums for that special person in your life. All images are carefully posed and lit and fully photo-shopped to give you that magazine quality look.  Text “makeover” to 07733373282 and we will call you back for a no obligation chat about your makeover session, or call us at the studio on 01823 278813, e-mail